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About SFZ


Our mission is to make this world a safer and healthier place to live.


Prevention is better than cure.

Millions of food safety related cases are reported every year due to poor food handling. Make your food safety program smart and easy to follow with SFZ technology. Prevent food safety issues and run your business with peace of mind.


Complete automation.

SFZ system combing an app, web portal and thermometer is the most complete in the world. It allows easy recording and reporting of all your food safety program requirements like Good received, Storage units, Process checklist, Timelog and more in just few clicks.


Easy Customisation.

Safety Food Zone meets the food safety program requirements of restaurants, cafés, bakeries and delis as well as businesses that handle poultry, meat processing and food packaging. Use SFZ to prevent food safety issues and run a safe business.


Move fast with portable sensor and app

Our handy temperature sensor with both infrared and probe option seamlessly integrate with the app. Throw away your bulky temperature scanner, note pads, paper reports and pens. All food safety program report templates are built into the app.

Prevent mistakes with in-built validation

Set the acceptable temperature range for your various storage units and food items so the staff does not have to remember what is acceptable and what is not. The app indicates when to accept and when to take corrective action.

Real time reporting

No need to maintain and sort through hundreds of papers to find the report you are looking for. Simply login into our web portal, choose the report and dates and get immediate access to the reports you need in real-time.

Get things done with alerts

The SFZ App alerts your staff when they need to perform safety program tasks (such as temperature monitoring) so they don't miss out. It can also alert the managers when staff skip a task so it can be monitored and resolved.

Avoid manipulation with better control

The SFZ App records the date and time stamp automatically so users cannot manipulate the reports. It also allows users to submit

User-based access for large businesses

Set up custom access with our simple mapping feature. Ideal for franchise and business with chain of stores. Store managers get access only to their store report data, state managers get access to all stores in their state and head office can see all reports.




Make your business a Safety Food Zone today.